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Youths and Adults

Moving through the different routes, exhibitions, interviews, conversations and activities, this program proposes the participation and interaction between the public, the artists’ production, curators and specialists in different areas. Thus, appreciation, analysis and reflection on art, culture and contemporary life experience are enhanced.



In order to continue exploring interest in migration, Claudia Kozak, PhD and Senior Researcher at CONICET, proposes to travel through the experience María Mencia’s work, who is carrying out a project to poetically visualise the route of the Winnipeg, a ship that brought refugees from the Spanish Civil War to America. This work was presented at the E-Poetry Festival held at MUNTREF in 2015.

Claudia Kozak is the coordinator of the research project “Literature/expanded arts and lifestyles in Latin America: languages, experimentation and materiality” at UNTREF, and is a member of the Academic Council of the Doctorate in Comparative Theory of the Arts – UNTREF and the Committee of the Erasmus Mundus Masters Crossways in Cultural Narratives based at UNTREF.


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