Educación - Community

This program in which the previous ones converge and get strengthened carries out actions with different social sectors that promote access to culture and social inclusion as well. Its particular aims are:  to reach sectors that do not usually experience or feel challenged by the institutional – formal or informal – spheres of art in order to stimulate the development of other cultural consumption habits, perceptions, practices and representations;  to promote diversity and the meeting of different actors in order to establish links; to contribute to mobility; and to circulate voices and knowledge in a horizontal and democratic way.

31 COLORS IN THE 31: linking memory, textiles and electronics The Master’s Degree in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts of the University, together with the Secretariat of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, developed the project 31 Colors, in which students and weavers of the 31st neighborhood of Retiro participated. The pieces resulting from this collaboration were exhibited during February 2019 at the MUNTREF and the craftswomen offered an open seminar for all audiences in the space of the Museum.




ANCESTRAS (WOMEN ANCESTORS): is a program offered by the University on knowledge, gender and age in older women. The program’s director, Mónica Navarro, explained: “We take this word as a source of resistance from language, as a tool to make women’s old age visible from a positive place”.




MICHELANGELO PSITOLETTO: TERZO PARADISO.  Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, one of the main exponents of Arte Povera, lands at the Benito Quinquela Martín Museum in the La Boca district with his Terzo Paradiso, an artistic action that has travelled around the world. This intervention, which is part of BIENALSUR, points to the urgent need of the contemporary human being to invent another dimension of existence, between nature and technology. The “Third Paradise” is a symbol inspired by Pistoletto, who does nothing but redesign the mathematical symbol of infinity. In the La Boca neighborhood, hundreds of plastic bottles were collected so that the children of that community, plus guests from other CABA schools, could make a large structure in the shape of the symbol of infinity that functions as a barrier to collect surface waste in the waters of the Riachuelo. “The Third Paradise is a balanced connection between artifice and nature and represents the generative matrix of a new humanity”, explains Pistoletto himself.




REZA DEGHATI:  IMAGES OF THE SOUL and URBAN VOICES exhibitions.  Iranian photographer Reza Deghati visited Argentina in June 2017 to kick start his work for the first International Biennial of Contemporary Art in South America, BIENALSUR, organised by the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF). Reza gave a masterclass for teenagers and workshop participants in the Ejercito de los andes and Barrio 21 24 neighborhoods. The photographs from these workshops were exhibited in the Plaza San Martín.




ANT  HILL – Do electronic arts exist? This is one of the main questions posed by the Ant Platform, a workspace where the questions that arise around this discipline are reflected. Lucía Kuschnir, the coordinator of the working group, explained that when they started to join up they had more questions than answers. “From there, the idea emerged to open up those questions to others than ourselves, to other peers in the community so that they could answer them,” she said.