MUNTREF Visual Arts Museum

The venue has been closed since December 15, but children’s workshops are offered during the month of February.


Holidays in the Museum

Workshops for children in which different artistic languages are integrated.

Wednesday February 19th and 26th at 4.30pm

Friday February 21 and 28 at 4:30 pm.


A world in colour and black and white

Playful activity that brings into play observation and imagination.

Wednesday 19th at 4.30pm.


Urban characters in action

Workshop in which the children will be able to create an articulated three-dimensional character.

Friday 21st at 4.30pm.


Landscape on a summer afternoon

Participants will make a collage of a real and imaginary landscape simultaneously.

Saturday 22nd at 16:00 hs.


Multi-colored glasses

Workshop for children to approach and discover kinetic art.

Wednesday 26th at 4:30 pm.


Round and round… Going round in circles

Workshop with various proposals to explore the optical art.

Friday 28th at 16:30 hs.


In the mouth of the portrait. Playing with marbles

Each participant will build a game based on the design of their own portrait.

Saturday 29th at 16:00 hs.