It is called BIENALSUR APP and will allow users from all five continents to learn about shows and exhibitions while being able to participate in events and openings from wherever they are. It is available on  Google Play y App Store.

In its constant search to link the public from all over the planet simultaneously, BIENALSUR developed a first class application, easy to access and connect, which will allow visitors to create their own routes to discover and enjoy contemporary art. BIENALSUR APP counted on the participation of Piren Benavídez Ortiz, who led the development instance of this idea and manages the updating of contents, and Santiago Camarda (UNTREF Media), who was in charge of launching  the resource.

It is a very user-friendly application, with no difficulties in downloading and maintenance. According to Camarda, the aim was to make it “functional and practical. A useful tool to live the BIENALSUR  experience”. Among its objectives is the accessibility of the project so that anyone, from anywhere, can enjoy BIENALSUR.

“It is an invitation to people to go out, to physically attend the venues and participate in the activities, but it also allows those who do not have this possibility  to know them virtually”, said Camarda. In this way, the application offers a connection with different platforms, but this is where Camarda makes an important difference: “We don’t want it to be an archive or a place to search for information, since that is what the web is for. It is a different platform, which interacts with the others”.

One of the important points of the app is its map, with all the BIENALSUR cartography, its kms/venues and activities that take place there. Geolocation provides the pertinent knowledge to those interested in attending any of the BIENALSUR venues located in the different cities of the planet.

On the other hand, notifications will report when an exhibition inaugurates, closes or a performance is activated. The possibility of making different tours and routes by thematic axes and interests is just a screen away, as well as the possibility of setting up an absolutely customized agenda or the ability to mark the topics of interest you want to visit.

BIENALSUR APP -available in Google Play Store and App Store- allows you to live, from wherever you are in the world, a new experience for the enjoyment of contemporary art, unlike anything else. Beyond borders and screens, BIENALSUR claims the uniqueness in diversity and the local in the global.