In the new edition of La Noche de los Museos (The Night of the Museums), the Immigrants Hotel headquarters welcomed neighbors of the City of Buenos Aires and tourists of all ages, who enjoyed extended hours of the exhibitions of the Immigration Museum, the Center of Contemporary Art and BIENALSUR 2021. National Museums also received a large number of visitors, highlighting in these spaces the proposals of the Biennial organized by the University.

On Saturday, October 30, following the parenthesis of face-to-face activities in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Immigrants Hotel headquarters of the UNTREF Museum was one of the  participants of the come-back of the Noche de los Museos (The Night of the Museums). On this occasion, the opening hours of the Immigration Museum and the Center of Contemporary Art were extended until 11:00 p.m. and the visits were carried out in compliance with the bioprotection protocol.

The exhibitions Para todos los hombres del mundo (For all the men in the world) and Después de Babel. Traducciones rioplatenses (After Babel.  Translations from the Rio de la Plata) were open for the enjoyment of the public that came from the different neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires to visit the exhibitions and installations of the 2021 edition of BIENALSUR KIMSOOJA BUENOS AIRES. Chapter 1, Between Us and the Others: TOGETHER WITH OTHERS, The Water Office, Panóptico Border 601, The Silence Still Speaks to Us and the installation Kiosk.

The Night of the Museums is the great cultural celebration of the City of Buenos Aires organized by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture, and was held again in 2021, including as on other occasions, the National Museums. In this sense, the Ministry of Culture of the Nation accompanied the initiative following the sanitary protocols in force. 

Around 63,000 people gathered, among others, at the National Museum of Decorative Art, where the exhibition Plebeian Fantasies is presented; the National Museum of Fine Arts, where is displayed  KIMSOOJA BUENOS AIRES. Chapter 2: Nomad; the Manzana de las Luces Historical Complex, which houses the exhibition UNOFFICIAL. Historias montadas, relatos disidentes (Mounted stories, dissenting narratives); and the Historical Museum Sarmiento and the Casa de Yrurtia where BIENALSUR recently inaugurated the exhibition Ornamental, the installation Cuenta Ganado (Cattle count) and the exhibition La divina anomalía (The divine anomaly), respectively.

Also at the Museum of Hispanic American art of the city, Isaac Fernández Blanco, and at the Quinquela Martín Museum, BIENALSUR’s proposals:  Casa communal (Communal House), Otros Vientos-Ostro (Other Winds-Ostro) and Un giro sin tornillo: imaginaciones urbanas (A screw free turn:  urban imaginations), respectively, could be visited during The Night of the Museums.

“The Night of the Museums is the day of the great museum festival in Buenos Aires. Last year I missed it very much and, fortunately, this year it came back with many proposals, such as those of BIENALSUR”, commented Georgina Gluzman, curator. Highlighting the presence of BIENALSUR, Gluzman stated that for her The Night of the Museums is the great moment of collective enjoyment of art which, in the end, is much more enriching than the solitary experience. “It’s the moment when we find ourselves enjoying art as a community. So I’m very happy that I’m back,” she said in a note published by the site

The activities, free and for all audiences, were divided into four areas of the City -where the more than 200 museums that participated this year are located- and included a mapping, guided tours, parades, recitals, theater plays, contemporary art activations, exhibitions on history and art, jazz, classical and folk music concerts, talks on history and cultural diversity, among other activities.

At the MUNTREF Immigrants Hotel Headquarters, where the Immigration Museum and the Center of Contemporary Art of the University are located, the exhibitions will remain open until December, inclusive. Admission is always free and prior visit reservations can be made through the Museum View MUNTREF mobile app (available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store) or by email at

With a wide variety of means of transport to get to the Museum, it was a great joy to welcome the public in the framework of The Night of the Museums 2021, occasion in which the implementation of the Museum MODE, a new tool of the MUSEUM View MUNTREF App, was also introduced.