In its Contemporary Art Centre, video installations by the artists Kader Attia and Onyeka Igwe will be exhibited under the title Post Colonial Bodies I.

The MUNTREF Contemporary Art Center will be one of the venues for the 10th Edition of the International Migrant Film Festival with the exhibition Post Colonial Bodies I, where the recent works of the French artist Kader Attia and his British colleague Onyeka Igwe can be seen.

The video installations of both of them, which can be visited between 14 and 29 September at the Old Immigrant Hotel, propose thinking about the bodies crossed by racist violence and its modes of resistance.

In his work The Legacy of the Body: The Postcolonial Body, Attia asks himself about the bodies of those who descend from enslaved or colonised people and live in the urban centres of Europe. Through statements by intellectuals linked to decolonial thought, which seeks to dismantle the colonial matrix in current power relations, the piece relates the daily humiliations suffered by these collectivities.

The author focuses in the case of little Théo Luhaka, attacked by the police in a Parisian suburb in February 2017. The young man was beaten and raped with the baton of one of the officers, and then placed under arrest. With his film, Attia constructs a counter-narrative to the racist, nationalist and western hegemonic discourse, denouncing these facts to prevent the perpetuation of violence in a protodemocratic society, while documenting the struggle of these groups.

Furthermore, No Dance, No Palaver is a series of three research works by Onyeka Igwe, based on the 1929 women’s uprising in the Nigerian city of Aba, considered the first and largest anti-colonial revolt in the African country.

This triptych is composed by: His name in my mouth, Specialized Technique and Sitting on a man. Using archival material and current testimonies, the British artist reviews the acts of insurrection of these women and their gravitation in the present.

The International Migrant Film Festival has been held since 2010 in the City of Buenos Aires, and throughout its editions has managed to install itself as a festival reference, attracting more than 54,600 people. Its proposal is to generate a cultural space that allows the approach, the deepening, the encounter and the sensitization about the migratory thematic. In this edition, 72 films from more than 37 countries will be presented, a curatorial section focusing on the images and sounds of insurrection, an anniversary section dedicated to women’s film essays, projections with musical and performance presentations, tables between directors from all over the world, video installations and presentations of immersive reality and books.