• Born in the southernmost region of Morocco, Mohamed Arjedal has long been a wandering spirit and a nomadic artist, feeling a kinship with the camel, that slow and safe desert traveller, the humpbacked giant who knows no borders and whose freedom is only limited by the moving shadows of the steep sand dunes. The borders drawn by human beings are considered arbitrary in the ocean of desert sand. What are those dotted lines on the map in the ever-increasing wave of dunes pushed by the strong south winds like rebel slow motion waves?

    The piece is doubly personal for this artist, who recently began to drive. Four times a week he drives his father in a three-hour drive to Agadir hospital for treatment. And he is fascinated by the experience of the lengthy journeys along the straight ribbons of southern Morocco, where trucks and vans have bypassed the long lines of camel caravans.

    Not only were they pushed aside, but the corpses that dot the road testify to the nocturnal massacre of hypnotized and blind animals that run towards the approaching lights at speed, thus turning the flat lines of the roads into deadly borders in a desert that could roam free for all eternity.

    Artist: Mohamed Arjedal (MAR)

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