Exhibition curated by students of the Master in Curatorship in Visual Arts, with selected works made within the framework of the Master in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts.


    Our traditional sense of orientation – and together with it, the modern concepts of time and space- is based on a stable line: the horizon line…Its stability depends on the stability of an observer situated on some kind of base: a foundation that can be imagined as stable although in reality it is not… (Hito Steyerl, Los condenados de la pantalla, 2014).

    Desborde is an exhibition thought from the curatorial practice that arises from the dialogue between the Master in Curatorship in Visual Arts and the Master in Electronic Arts of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. The exhibition puts into operation tools and knowledge apprehended in both postgraduate courses as the production of work and curatorial narrative.

    In each one of the realizations there are different devices and technologies that mark, in constant form, an overflowing territory. Various interfaces used reveal a rebellion of elements “outward” of themselves, to find reverberation in the space that surrounds them. This dialectic operation between the inside and the outside was imposed as a dynamic for the journey.

    The itinerary through the exhibition is proposed from an active, fluctuating gait, which challenges the visitor from the reflection on their own limits and overflows. Each of the works, as half-open organisms, without definitions, invokes diverse poetics in objects, materials and spaces. The force with which these are manifested induces transgression, as happens when observing the decomposition of the edges in the flesh of Metastasis II where the dismemberment of the bacteria is visualized in live.

    At the beginning of the route, the neighbourhood is explicitly referred to as “the outside” of the exhibition space. Meta espacio Caseros is a reflection on the inhabited place itself, marked by the geographical and the infraordinate. Proposals such as Buzzes (Zumbidos)  and Ciborg Murmur (Murmullo Ciborg) overflow with scattered noises as a new form of communication. The leaks appear there, on the oscillatory edge where the intangible, the palpable and the imaginable intersect, as in Horizons of salt. Spills of sounds in an old sewing machine, as in a studio on a sound scenography. Excessive lights drive the uncertain path of Cnidarians and Rowots. Sequences of stories from different geographies are intertwined in Expanded Identity.

    The “outside” gains strength again in the last overflows of the itinerary. Seams of the urban landscape are presented in Patchwork, inverted from the ceiling and in Cobalt Loops, breaking the confines of the spectator in search of his own sky.

    All the works propose the approach of new territories. The challenge is to be able to think “outside” the edge and cross the limit, within its apparent stability, assumed as part of one’s own becoming.

    Team of curators: Laura Álvarez, Cecilia Falabella, Anush Katchadjian, Jimena Pautasso and Anabella Speziale.

  • List of works


    Target location: between the infraordinate and the geo-emotional. Javier Obando


    Metastasis II: Feli Cabrera López (aka FCL)


    Hummingbirds: Matías Caviglia


    Expanded Identity: Julieta Caruso


    Cnidarians: Fantastic robotic beings. Alejandra Ferruccio


    Cyborg Murmur: Laura Perez


    Rowots: Ana Wolpowicz -Juan Agustín Carpinello


    Salt horizons: Alejandra Isler


    “19’52”-4’33” (III) – study on a sound scenography”: Santiago Villalba


    Patchwork of sounds: Marlin Velasco


    Cobalt Ties: Candela del Valle