• Arrival/departure, entry/exit, in/out are polar pairs of concepts that allude in part to one of the conditions of contemporary life experience: that of the displacements given by the different types of journeys, migrations, exiles. Displacements that are current but that are also inscribed in the memory of humanity whose history can be told within the logic of these movements of people, ideas, works, actions…

    An inactive chimney -a vestige of the industrial architecture of modernity in a port denaturalized from its original functions, in a city founded on rich exchanges, as was Buenos Aires- and the riverfront of the old Hotel de Inmigrantes are the trigger for this work by Pablo Reinoso, who situates an installation that we can only see “from the other side”. The paradox of this condition of limit and border emerges from this site that assumes, here, a poetic, metaphorical place. A set of trunks of different origins linked together that try to reach uncertainly a destiny.

    This work is involved in two central materials: wood and metal. Wood, with its forceful and recognisable presence of a tree trunk; metal, in its power of link, connection, grip. The wood-tree in turn recalls the tension of a life in danger, of threatened nature, and becomes the body of those migrants of yesterday and today whose histories were crossed by the need to find a place moving, looking for another place, constituting the otherness of the alien.

    Pablo Reinoso’s work is constructed, precisely, within the framework of these tensions, of the ambiguity of meaning, to be exhibited in a real space -one of the abandoned dams of Puerto Madero- before a singular public of varied origins who are invited to stop before this movement in suspension that reorganizes the landscape, delays the passage and questions, opening questions about the condition of a present printed on mobility and uncertainty.

    Thus, Pablo Reinoso’s project is poetically located in the search to include other perspectives that give way to a gaze of the other with himself, that would allow to move forward towards the conformation of a contemporary humanism.

    Artist: Pablo Reinoso

    MUNTREF Headquarters Immigrant Hotel

    From 25 June to 30 November

    Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00 hs.

    Av Antártida Argentina (between Dirección Nacional de Migraciones and Buquebus). Entrance by Naval Post. Puerto Madero.